Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter.

Do you just love Easter when you get chocolate on Easter. But it not about chocolate its about when Jesus came back from when he was crucified.

So what are you doing for your holiday a part from eating chocolate all day. I went to Werribee zoo with my family and went on this really cool bus ride, I sat next to my auntie and we took lots of photos.

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Public Speaking

A few days ago we had public speaking and it was awesome. I was the master of ceremonies. and the people who won the speaking contest was 3Mia 2 Benedict and 1 was Katrina. I wish that you all could of come.

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about me

hi everyone its jasmine and I have just started my blog and it is super cool so keep looking at it. got to go bye . And I really hope you like it. please leave a comment.

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