Term 3

Can you believe that its nearly term 3 how fast is

this year going and soon we will have the concert.

Comment tell me why you are looking forward to term 3.

bye 🙂

Do you think?

Do you think I put up a lot of past?

Do you want me to put up more things on my blog like pets and post on it.

Do you want me to put more things. If you do leave a comment and tell me and I will try and do it for you.


bye 🙂

Food Line

On Friday our school had a food line and green team won and in second place gold team and third and fourth red and blue team. But to me it didn’t really matter it was really all about getting more food for saint Vincent de Paul so they can give it to people  who can’t afford food.

Tirzah via Compfight   Oh Balls!


This is my story. We had to use 100 words no more no less and we had to use a phrase all at once  they fell over. We can’t count the full stops and commas. Here we go.

Not so long ago, wait  let me tell you it.Me and my friends were playing, and all at once they fell over. I found it funny them not so much until I fell, they laughed so hard they fell over. But it was just my brother who did it. i told my mum she gave me a jelly bean and said that’s nice dear. I told my friends they said we don’t care. I never saw them again for ever. but it was not just a dream it was real. My parents never looked after me they just said bye.


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My New Goals

For writing I am making a goal to improve my writing.

My goal is explain my reason for writing so the reader isn’t getting tired  when reading the work that I have given them. And use emotive language when writing a story. I would also like to know your new goals for writing.

please leave a comment

Janine Shepherd

This woman has  done so much through out her life.

she was hit by a speeding utility truck and broke a lot of bones and was paralyzed from the waste down they said she could never walk again.

but she said a broken body isn’t a broken person. But now she is a pilot and she is flying. now she is walking just a bit.

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Term 2 :)

It’s term 2 all ready can you believe  how fast the year has gone already, have you loved it.

But I want to know  how you’ve liked term 2, like have you made any new friends are you excited for the concert.

if so please leave a comment down below and tell me.

Image result for excited bye


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