Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Icecreamery

If you have ever been here you will be one kilo heavier when you walk out of the door. A s soon as you walk through the door there a three bowls one white chocolate and one milk chocolate and the last one dark chocolate and guess what, they are for free and you can have as much as you like.

next week I will tell you more.



One of my favorite book is

There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom

By Louis Sachar also the author of holes. If you ever get the opportunity to read it go and read it because it is amazing.

leave a comment if you have ever read this book.

My Hopes.

My hopes for term 4 are, to play with more people to make them happy and to make me happy. One of my other hopes What Does It Mean To You? Jackie via Compfight                                                               are to believe in myself in what ever I do.

And I would like to get school captain since I’m going for leader ship next year.


please leave a comment and tell me what does hope mean to you. 🙂

Concert :)

In 2015 we have the school concert which is so much fun. My class is doing Waka Waka and We are one/lalalala by Shakira  and pit ball.

And I  have two speaking parts witch I am super good at.

Well I’ve got to go .


Animal Adaptations

For projects I am doing animal adaptations. Witch means over the years they can maybe able to stay on land and in water. On patrol again Bruce Stokes via Compfight                                  I’m doing a Honey Badger and as You can see it doesn’t look that dangerous but it actually is. The Honey Badger can eat a cobra and die and then come back to life its  an amazing animal. wait for the next post. bye leave a comment.

Random Acts Of Kindness

For homework we had to do raks witch is really fun its all about doing things for people who need something. This is a video of free hugs and is really good for writing stories like giving you hugs.

if you like this video leave a comment and tell me your favorite part. bye 🙂

School Camp

Camp was so much fun and the people in my cabin were so nice so Shenalie, Talia and Gurleen.

But red faces was my favorite.

I can’t wait to go next year with my friends from year 4. We stayed at YMCA MT EVELYN RECREATION CAMP.

Bye see you next time 😉

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